How much can Professional Rummy players earn?

If you want to become a professional rummy player, your first aim should be to ace the strategies. And when you excel, earning money by winning games will be a piece of cake. Earning money is easy with rummy, but the amount can always vary. A professional player can earn in thousands on good days, […]

Travel Guide for Milan Italy - what to see, eat and do

Travel Guide to Milan, Italy

Milan Italy Travel Guide Going to Italy is a dream for so many, and travel is usually to destinations like Rome, Venice or Florence, but Milan definitely needs to be added to the list! The fashion capital has so much to offer with its historical monuments, amazing places to eat and the ability to take […]

5 Tricks to Perfectly Accessorize Your Outfit

You’ll never be a fashion don’t once you know these insider tricks to accessorizing. Mix your metals “Accessorizing has certainly come a long way since matchy-match details reigned supreme,” says Chelsea Jackson, fashion stylist and buyer. Jackson advises that rich, warm-toned jewelry (think an antique brass watch passed through generations or a few dainty gold necklaces) pop […]

Different Types Of Fashion Accessories

These are the types of different accessories that both men and women can use to coordinate their looks: Belts Belts are available in different materials, colours and width. If you feel that you have a thick waistline, use belts that match the colour of your outfit. Tall people should use wide belts. Handbags Make sure […]